A trip to iKON’s pop up store “NEW KIDS”

At some point during our trip, we found out that YG was going to have a pop up store for iKON’s comeback – and it was opening on our last full day in Korea!

Being fans of the idol group, my boyfriend and I decided to head down to the store, especially since we had never gone to such a pop up store before.

Taking for granted that the address stated Itaewon-dong, we alighted at Itaewon station but realised that the store was actually closer to the next station. Ambitious, we set off to find the store by foot but soon regretted after realising we had to wind our way through the residential area, conquering many steep slopes along the way.

When we reached, there were a small number of fans waiting opposite the store, but with no official queue. We then decided to grab some lunch before visiting the store.


In span of 20 minutes, a looong queue formed outside the store and so we quickly jumped in!

We then later learned that only a maximum of 15 people could enter the store at one time and each group was only given 30 minutes to look around and to do their shopping. We were in the second batch and were given small papers to indicate the timing that we would be allowed to enter.


We had to come back at 3pm instead

The store was actually very small and covers 3 levels (first floor – cashier, second floor – display of goods, third floor- rooftop), but it was well decorated – featuring scenes that look like they came out from iKON’s comeback music videos.



Handphone covers that were on sale!

The rooftop featured posters for their comeback songs and also a board with the signatures and drawings of the iKON members.


We ended up getting towels and keychains for ourselves! It was a pity though, because their caps were amazing and we wanted to get them but the staff said that they haven’t manufactured it yet and it was going to be on sale only after 30 May (by then we would be back in SG). The shirts they sold were also not available to be collected on site but would instead be shipped to your address in Korea. This was probably the only disappointing part about the store.


iKON also endorses Pepsi so you can find each member’s face on a Pepsi can


We got Chanwoo, the youngest member!

Other than the things we bought, it also came with free Nivea lip balms that iKON is also endorsing for and the Pepsi can.

While it may not seem like much, I’m glad we took the effort to visit the store before we went back to Singapore! We were also impressed by how orderly everything was given the number of fans that flocked to get items from the store.


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