Pixar: 30 years of animation @ DDP 동대문 디자인 플라자

For our second anniversary, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend by bringing him to somewhere nice. After searching around on the Internet, I came across an advertisement for Pixar’s 30th anniversary exhibition – Pixar: 30 years of animation.

My boyfriend is a huuuuuuge fan of all things animation and for our first year anniversary we (coincidentally) went for Dreamworks’ exhibition at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. So what better way to celebrate our second anniversary by going for another exhibition! Who knows, it may become a yearly affair.

Just like the name suggests, Pixar’s exhibition showcases 30 years of history – all in one place! There are more than 500 works on display, but apparently this is only a tiny fraction of what Pixar houses.

We set off to Dongdaemum Design Plaza (DDP) where the exhibition was held! It’s a new design plaza that stands out from its surrounding buildings with its large orb-like structures that remind me of a UFO/space station.

Our entrance tickets cost ₩13,000 each for adults. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photographs in the exhibition but all I can say is that it was an exhilarating trip down memory lane.

Sketches and models used for A Bug’s Life, Monsters’ Inc, etc were all there! I still remember how I hoarded all the collectibles what would come free with every MacDonald’s Happy Meal.  I think I was only 5 or 6 then – feeling old. 

It was also interesting to see that in certain movies the initial sketch and the final sketch were so different. We spent quite a bit of time understanding how Pixar films came about and all the effort needed behind the scenes!

There was also a merchandise and photo-taking area so we bought some souvenirs for ourselves and snapped away there.



Us attempting to recreate the main illustration used for the event

After that we loitered around DDP because for those of you unfamiliar – it is an amaaaazing spot for photographs.


Afterwards one of our friends came by and helped us to take some couple shots.


Korean fashion lovers may wonder why the backgrounds seem so familiar – it’s because Seoul Fashion Week is held here too! Every spot of DDP provides a great background for a photo, and it’s also a great place to chill.

If you head to DDP at night (or chill there till night), you’ll be able to spot the magical field of roses that light up as the sky darkens. We didn’t stay that late but for those who want to know more you can about read it here.

The Pixar exhibition runs till 8 August 2017, so for those of you reading and who happen to be in Korea do check it out! I promise you it’ll be worth it.


Pixar: 30 Years of Animation
Price: ₩13,000 per person for adults
When: 15 April 2017 to 8 August 2017

Dongdaemun Design Plaza 동대문 디자인 플라자
서울특별시 중구 을지로 281 (을지로7가)
281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

How to get there:

1. Take Seoul Subway Line 2/4/5 to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station 동대문 역사문화공원역 and exit from Exit 1


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