UNICEF x YG Walking Festival

While we were in Korea, we had the chance to participate in the UNICEF x YG Walking Festival!!

It’s a charity walk, and also a collaboration between UNICEF and Korean entertainment company YG. The walk was initially meant to be held sometime in the later half of 2016 but due to terrible weather conditions it was postponed and finally held in May 2017.

The walk, which begins around Sangam World Cup Park 상암 월드컵공원 평화광장, spans 4km. It ends with a YG after-concert!

Signing up for the run costs ₩20,000 (SGD 24) and includes a free tote bag, a shirt, and your number tag! The number tag also denotes your seating for the after-concert.

Slots were limited to 5000 people, and only those with Korean phone numbers and addresses could sign up (because the shirts etc are sent to your address) but our Korean friend managed to help us sign up before slots ran out! THANK GOODNESS.

I won’t lie, I initially signed up for the walk because of the after concert but as the days came nearer I was really glad to be able to be a part of the charity walk. Because how often do you get to take part in such events and be a part of contributing to charity overseas??

On that day we arrived at the venue at 3pm, and there were massive queues because tents were set up to give out freebies!

I didn’t manage to take a photo of the queues/tents but here are some pre-walk photographs:


Someone’s really excited for the walk~



Standees of YG’s boygroup iKON (Members BI and Bobby)

Afterwards the announcement was made for everyone to gather in front of the main stage, and the emcees announced special guests that would be taking part in the charity walk too. These included YG K+ models, actors and actresses and comedians!


This is how tightly squeezed everyone was before the charity walk began


Emcees Ahn Young Mi 안영미 and Oh Sang Jin 오상진  asking the crowd to move off

The walk was rather easy with paved roads and we were lucky for the spring weather (air con temp!!) and cool breeze to make things a lot easier for us.

Towards the last leg of the walk, there were large floats and banners of YG artistes to pave the way, accompanied with music by these YG artistes blasting from the speakers!



iKON’s Bobby!!


Back at the finishing line! (which was also our starting point)

One of the interesting things we noticed was that the order of the banners are displayed based on seniority (those that debut first > those that debut recently). Seniority, however, is a large part of the Korean culture and so this would have come naturally.

After completing the walk, there were goodie bags filled with food and drinks for all participants! It included a sandwich, a donut, pocky sticks, drinks, wet tissue, and plasters! I must say that such service is exceptional – I’ve volunteered for a few charity marathons in Singapore but I’ve yet to see one that takes such good care of their participants.


After our quick bite, before the after-concert!

Next is the highlight for many of those that signed up for the charity walk – the after-concert.

Acts were by YG artistes – Epik High, Lee Hi, Akdong Musician,Black Pink, Winner, iKON, Jinusean.

Each act only lasted three songs – with the exception of Jinusean as this year is their  20th anniversary since their debut.


We were this close!!!!


Tablo of Epik High (and also Haru’s dad) ㅋㅋ

My favorite acts were Epik High, iKON and Jinusean! It’s been two years since I saw Epik High live in Korea so it definitely brought back many memories. I didn’t manage to take any videos (wanted to get the full experience without being hindered by tech) but I’m sure there are videos of the performance on YouTube!

What I love about Korean fans is that even if the group/artiste on stage is not who they came for, everyone still knows the songs, sings together and supports whoever is on stage.

Overall, this charity walk has been a great experience, I was impressed by how everything is run so smoothly and for the welfare provided for the participants! I would definitely love to be part of it again.


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